Established in 1945 by Sam Sells, Sells Plant Company Inc was originally a vegetable transplant grower. Our business was providing area produce farmers with the plant material they desired. Long before indoor growing was an option, all vegetable plugs were grown from seed in the fields that surround the greenhouses that exist today. When plants would reach their proper maturity, they would then be extracted from the field and bundled. These bundled plugs provided farmers an easy way to quickly transplant a field of plants and grow them to full maturity. Growing transplant vegetables was discontinued by Sells Plant Company in 1982. Flowers were the future....


        It was not until 1983 that we began growing bedding plants. The first four greenhouses were erected in the mid 1970s. These four houses are our largest at 250' each. The early 1990s saw nine more greenhouses built. These houses are a bit smaller at 150' each. Three shade houses (150' each) were built in 1994. Another addition is a smaller house used solely for holding plant plugs until they are ready for transplanting into containers. This brings the total number of houses to 17. There are 14 houses that are metal framed with thick clear poly tops, adjustable curtains on each side, and propane heated. The three shade houses are wood framed with black shade cloth tops and are not heated. Each house can be watered by hand via hose and wand, or automated timed sprinklers can be activated. Including all greenhouses, our maximum capacity is around 40,000 trays.

        We consider Sells Plant Company a small business that enjoys dealing with customers on a personal level. Most of our current customers we know by name and have enjoyed getting to know them over the years. "You've got to have a little fun."

        Plants are available during two main growing seasons, spring and fall. Although throughout the summer there are various plants available in both trays and 1 gallon pots. We grow many varieties of annuals, perennials, vegetables, and herbs ideal for small and large retail plant nurseries and landscapers.

Examples of spring season: alyssum, begonias, celosia, coleus, dianthus, lobelia, marigolds, petunias, portulaca, salvia, snapdragons, torenia, vinca, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, wave petunias, lantana, sun coleus, Proven Winners, perennias, ivy, geraniums, gerbera daisies, ornamental grasses and much much more.

Examples of fall season:  pansies, snapdragons, lobelia, dianthus, petunias, violas, vegetables, herbs, calendulas, poppies, ornamental cabbage and kale, and ornamental grasses
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